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Optimism Towards The Awakening of Indonesia In the Future

banner hut ri69 years of the proclamation of independence doesn’t mean Indonesia has a better life. When other countries are competing to develop the technology, economics, and the potential of their country, Indonesia is still asleep and dream about the phase of consolidating the fragile democracy. Therefore, the media often displays the corruptor sitting in the comfortable chair while spending citizen’s money by forcing people to believe that it’s for people’s good, the cost of education, daily needs, political feudalism, and environmental damage are not common secrets anymore. Some leaders of the country which should be role models, corrupt people’s money and think that honesty and the rule of law are only for poor people.
“The democracy can be changed into government anarchy, when at first the democratic government is good, turns into chaos, depravity, and corruption so that the law is difficult to enforce” (Polyios Cycle Theory). I have some new ideas to revive the glory of Indonesia. To make Indonesia a better country and also make this country rise from adversity.

First, develop the optimism. Country History is an important step to turn Indonesians outlook into optimistic, so Indonesians can be more comprehensive.
Second, education. Education is not just a program run by the government, schools and teachers. Education is the intellectual movement of the nation that involves everyone. I hope that Indonesia will have leaders with good competences. Imagine if few years there are young people have occupied important positions in various sectors in Indonesia, they are expected to make this country more successful.

Third, to promote the national culture. Many cultures in Indonesia are important to support and promote tourism and economic. It can be realized by promote, develop, and introduce the beauty of Indonesian culture, so Indonesian cultures are not contaminated with the foreign cultures.

I hope that the young generation won’t do bad things such as corruptions, radicals, terrorism, and bad democratization. Indonesia should not burn its forest, have a lot of city park and every building must have at least one small garden. People should not littering and keep the environment clean. I hope Indonesia will be a greater country and the people can have a better life.

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